Eyebrows are the most under appreciated feature of the face, even if they have a major impact of your overall appearance. If your eyebrows are properly groomed, they will enhance your natural beauty and will also improve your look dramatically.
Professionally done brows are gorgeous, but you may not have time to go to the salon as often as you’d like. But once a professional had shaped your brows, the maintenance becomes easier at home. Maybe you think eyebrows-shaping is simple and easy if you do by yourself. The truth is that it’s not, but with some practice it may be more simple.
1. Visualize your shape before you start! Normal shape should be a tapering one and the front of the bow should align with the upper bridge of your nose. For a symmetrical look, the tops of the arches should be at the same point.
2. Draw your desired eyebrows shape with a lip or brow pencil. Be careful, do not give an exaggerated curve to them, because they will look unnatural. Pay attention also to details, i.e. your brows should be a bit longer than your eyes.
3. Choose very carefully the tweezers. It should be sharp with slanted edge.
4. Tweeze only one hair at a time, because the working area is small and little changes can make big differences in your eyebrows.
5. After tweezing, brush your eyebrows with a mascara brush or with an old toothbrush to their natural shape, and if you see any hair that is too long, trim with a small scissors. Do this step only if
it’s very necessary!
6. The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is after shower or bath. Warm water opens the hair follicles and softens them, helping hairs slip out easier and less painful.
7. Immediately after tweezing, apply with cream your eyebrows area to minimize any inflammation. If despite this step the skin becomes red, rub an ice cub over the area to reduce the redness and swelling.