Have you ever felt insecure about your lips? No, not by its shape but by its colour? Some people are affected by discolouration on their lips or by having really dark lips. Well fret not as since long ago there was this thing called Lip embroidery. However, many people were skeptical about it as it was only used by older people and not the youngster. Some were also afraid that the hue might be too bright red for them and it would be stuck for life. Lip embroidery generally last about 1-2 years much like the eyebrow embroidery microblading.

Whenever a lady ask for lip embroidery they would always pick the lightest most natural colour as they want their lips to look natural. NO! You shouldn’t do that as the lip colour embroidery colour would not look as harsh and bright as the colour chart given to  you. Lip embroidery is done on the dermis of the lips so the pigment would not be so concentrated. Usually the colour retained after the healing process is only half of the colour swatch’s colour so when doubtful, do ask the person in charge of your lips for advice.

Immediately after doing lip embroidery your lips would look swollen and red, much as if you took a trip to the aesthetician to get lip filler or botox. The duration of your lips swelling would depend on how well you take care of your lips but generally it would heal by the 2nd week after the treatment.

Try not to eat dark coloured food, spicy food and seafood during the healing process as these food will not only jeopardize the healing but it will also stain your lips and ruin the pigment of the embroidery. Try to take dark coloured food only after your lips are fully healed.

Source: http://www.rababkelani.com/misconceptions-lip-embroidery/