Eyebrow tinting is a service that uses dye to enhance the colour, shape and thickness of your brow without the need to remove any of your brow hair (unless you opt for a sleek, clean brow). Your brow would immediately look groomed. You would also not need to fill your brows in everyday saving you precious time for other things.

Brow tinting is particularly beneficial towards ladies with light brow hair. By dyeing your brows a shade or two darker your eyes would look more define than ever. It is also helpful towards people who had dyed their hair a different tone and would like to match their brow and hair colour. However a note of advice is to not dye it too dark as it would look fake and inky.

Tinting also helps to make your arches look thicker. The dye tends to coat the hair which makes the hair diameter slightly thicker making it look thicker and healthier. It also finds dyes your peach fuzz which further gives you volume to your brows.

The process of eyebrow tinting is quick and easy, taking no more than 10-15 minutes. With that short time needed to tint your brow you would think it would not last but it last up to 4 weeks!

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