Eyelash extensions have been around for decades but it is growing ever more popular. Eyelash extensions are so advanced that there are several types of extensions like the single hair extensions, cluster hair extensions and it also has been made with different materials. Eyelash extensions are growing more popular these days as it is able to give the user longer, fuller lashes without applying falsies everyday. But there are many who complain of it giving them allergies and falling out within days. Here are ways to take care of your extensions to ensure you get your money worth from the service.




Use only water based mascara

With the extensions on your lashes it is not necessary to wear mascara. However, if you cannot do without your mascara only use water based mascara. Do not use oil based mascara as it can dissolve the bonding agent and make your extensions fall quicker. Also do not use oil based makeup remover.


Try not to rub the eye area

Rubbing the eye area will make your lashes fall out even faster and might possibly yank your own lashes out.


Feather light lashes



As our lashes are delicate we should treat it with care. Synthetic lashes are heavy and would fall out faster. Opt for mink or handmade fur lashes as they are one of the lightest lashes out there in the market. Fur lashes can be as thick as 0.07mm which imitates our own lash thickness.



Touch ups



As well as you care for your lash extensions it is bound to fall out as your natural lashes will shed in their growth cycle. Going for regular touch ups at your regular place will help you keep your lashes beautiful and unruly.


Choosing the right shop


To get the best looking lashes you would need to go to the right place. Going to some shop offering cheap lash extensions might be ideal for people looking for affordability but these shops might be using lower quality products as well as doing the extensions in an unhygienic environment. Search for places with plentiful of reviews and pictures of their services to know what you are truly getting into. Once u get an infection from a bad experience, you would not be so happy about saving a few bucks over a deal.



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