Eyelash Extension

Gone are the days where you would need mascara to have thick black volumising lashes. When eyelash extensions were invented, only the rich and famous would have them on. Now, with beauty shops popping up everywhere around the world eyelash extensions are no longer just for the rich and the famous.

What is Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extension is when a lash made from either synthetic material or real fur is applied onto each of your individual lashes to lengthen and volumise your lashes without having clumps and smudges like what mascaras do. The process of applying a whole set of extension would take at least a quarter of an hour depending on the type of lash design you are going for. Lash extensions are painless and the whole process is usually done with a lash specialist. Research and do your lashes with reputable shops instead of going for the cheapest as complications might occur when the lash person is inexperienced. Do let your specialist know if you feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure as you are not supposed to feel any discomfort. Stay away from oil based make up remover as it will weaken the bonding solution.

What to expect

As lash extensions started gaining popularity, manufacturers are coming up with newer and varying length as well as thickness. Lashes made from fur are generally softer and more natural looking than synthetic lashes. Opt for the fur extensions if the look you are going for is enhanced natural look. For thick dramatic lashes opt for extensions with a thicker diameter and darker pigment. As fur lashes are expensive, the cheaper version would be the silk or synthetic lashes. These lashes would look like falsies without the hassle of daily application. Lash extensions can last up to a month and a half but touch ups are always recommended as there would be fallouts. These fallouts are a natural process as your natural lashes have a growth cycle of 20 days. However, If you notice your lash extensions falling out with your natural lashes at an alarming rate, do consult a specialist. Lash serum is recommended for lash extension lovers as the serum would allow your own natural lashes to grow stronger, longer and thicker which would allow your extensions to stand out even further.

Eyelash Tinting

Is there ever a time where our lashes are just perfect without any help? Naturally long, thick, dark lashes are the dream for the most of us but the only way to achieve that would either be paying hundreds of dollars for extensions, falsies or mascara.

What is eyelash tinting?

Eyelash tinting is when the specialist uses a special dye to darken your lashes, eliminating the need of using mascara, The lashes would be prepped and cleaned before using the dye as dust and dirt would affect the pigmentation from sitting in the lash. Eyelash tint generally last for 3 weeks as your lashes have growth cycle.

How does it work?

Similar to that of the eyelash extension, eyelash tinting is a procedure that does not require much time and is pain free. Your lashes would be prepped and using clean equipments, the specialist would then coat your lashes with the tinting agent. The tinting agent would be on your lashes for 15 to 20 minutes depending on your lash texture. Try not to put anything or wet your lashes after the treatment for about 6 hours to let the pigmentation set in fully.

What to expect?

Lash tinting is the perfect solution for ladies with lashes that has light or no pigmentation. Lash tinting would allow you to skip over your mascara if you had only used it to darken your lashes. Darker lashes tend to make your eyes look brighter and give you a fresh faced look. It also allows individuals who want to change their lashes look without putting on fake lashes or lash extensions which would require more maintenance. Lash tinting works best if your lashes are naturally curly as the results would be more noticeable. Go for an eyelash perming session prior to your lash tinting session as lash perming would lift your lashes up and brighten your eyes even more. Eyelash perming lasts from a month to 3 months depending on the type of perm you do but take note to go to a lash specialist who uses perming solution that does not damage your lashes. Once your lashes are damaged you would need to wait for a long period of time before all the damaged hair are replaced by your new lashes.


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