Eyeliner is a staple in our beauty routine. Artistic cat-eyes and smoky eyes obviously call for the liner, but even natural, barely-there makeup usually has some type of eyeliner involved. Well, liner is a sneaky, easy way to subtly call attention to your eyes, enhancing your eyes.

What are the types of Eyeliner?

Whether you choose a pencil, gel or liquid, each has its own special application and skill level. An eyeliner pencil is the most common (and easiest) type and perfect for an everyday look and suitable for beginners. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not regularly sharpening their pencils. In addition to keeping them clean and bacteria-free, sharpening your pencil ensures you can get your line as close to your lash line as humanly possible. 

Gel Eyeliner, on the other hand, typically comes in a pot and is applied with a brush. These can be a little trickier because you decide how much product to apply. Gels have an amazingly creamy consistency, so they can glide across the eyelid without pulling or tugging like a pencil can. One drawback is that unlike pencils, which are good to the last sharpening, gels are housed in pots and can dry out faster than other formulas.

The most advanced liners are the liquid category. They can be unforgiving if you make mistakes, but once you master the delicacy needed for proper application, these inky beauties are unparalleled at creating cat-eyes and other dramatic eye shapes. They have the potential to be the messiest of all three, which is why it’s crucial to find a technique that works for you and will help you avoid turning your eyelid into what looks like a third-grader’s art project.

Use a Primer 

After taking a serious chunk of time out of your morning to apply that cat eye, you don’t want it rubbing off after a couple of hours. Use an eye primer to create a base that will help your eyeliner last all day.

Hold Your Eye for More Control

You’ll find that most liners tend to get stuck or skip across your lid, so start off by creating a smooth canvas for your liner to glide across. Using your pointer and middle finger, pull the skin above your eye taut for a smoother, more precise line. Instead of free-handing it, prop your elbow up on the counter to steady your hand. Just be sure not to manhandle the delicate skin around your eye — you don’t want to tug too hard and risk stretching or damaging the skin.

Colors to Choose From?

You don’t always have to go with classic black, especially if you are just starting out. Brown and light gray are great training colors when you’re trying a new technique as they’re less stark and much more forgiving if you make a mistake. You can also make your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant by using a color-enhancing shade. For blue gazes that means picking something in the warm browns, bronze, or copper family. Green beauties should try violets and purples, while brown-eyed girls can go bold with bright blues or keep it simple with navy. Hazel eyes, with their multi-tonal colors, have the option to play up either the browns or greens in their eyes. To make them look browner, try rich earth tones, gold, and green. Bring out green by using bronze or eggplant. 

Blend it out!

When using a pencil, blend it out for a more natural look. A dual-ended pencil with a sponge attachment at the end makes this process a lot easier. The pressure you apply will determine what kind of line you get. A light touch will soften without losing definition, while a heavier hand will diffuse the color and create a smokier effect.

Speaking of a smoky eye, did you know you can use your liner to create the easiest smoky eye ever? Take your liner and place it about halfway across your lower lash line. Draw a line outwards, making sure to keep it directly against the rim of the eye. Extend the line past the edge, angling it up towards the tail end of your eyebrow. Don’t go all the way — stop when you are level with your eyelid crease. Then place the line at your crease, just above that first line, and follow the crease until you are halfway across the eyelid. Use your liner to color in the space between that V-shape you’ve made. Use your finger to smudge the color outwards and now you’ve got a smoky eye look using just one product.

Line Your Waterline in a Nude/Pearl Shade

Instead of using black on your inner rims, choose a nude shade for a bright-eyed effect. This is a perfect trick for when you’re tired and want to look more awake. You can also use a champagne or metallic rose hue to really brighten things up. Try applying it to both the waterline and smudged into the inner corner of your eye for a more ethereal effect. 

Trace Your Way to a Flawless Cat Eye 

No need to guess where and what angle your cat-eye should be. Just hold a business card diagonally against the corner of your eye, and trace alongside it to draw your cat-eye flick. You can also put a piece of tape in the same area and use that as a guide, but be careful not to yank or rip it off — it will both hurt and potentially damage your skin. 

Made mistakes?

Mess up? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Instead of starting from scratch, dip a cotton swab in makeup remover and use it as an eraser to carefully remove any mistakes. Just remember to get to it quickly —it’s easier and less of a mess to erase it while it’s wet than it is when it sets into your skin.

Source from: https://www.makeup.com/eyeliner-tips-for-beginners

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