1. Make sure you go to a reputable place to do your eyelashes. With any and every beauty treatment it is important to go to a reputable place as they have specialist who are experienced. Do not scrimp and go to a cheap shady place as you could put your life and health at risk.

2. Make sure your lash specialist know what they are doing and fan the lashes out properly. When the lashes are not fanned out properly and are unruly, your lashes would stay in that condition for at least a month.

4. Let the specialist know if you feel any discomfort during the treatment.


1. Don’t open your eyes when the perm solution is over your lashes.

2. Don’t go for the treatment twice a month. Perming solution for the eyelashes works exactly like the hair perming solution. Too many times at one go and you would end up with frizzy eyelashes.

3. Don’t use mascara on your lashes the day you did the treatment as you would weaken the perm effect.