Step 1:
Using an angular brush, fill the eyebrows using eyebrow filling powder or cream or powder eye shadow. Use the color which is close to your real eyebrow color. The thing to take care while filling eyebrow is, always use strokes in the the direction of hair growth and don’t start from the start of eyebrows. There, we usually have lesser hair and the direction of hair growth is straight up. So, start from somewhere in the middle and follow the direction of hair growth till the end. In the end, whatever product is remaining on the brush, use that to fill the start of eyebrows.
Step 2:
Using the eyebrow pencil of the same shade, line the top and bottom of the eyebrows. Again, line in small strokes and follow the natural shape of the eyebrow.
Step 3:
Using a clean mascara wand, go over the eyebrows to brush out any harsh line. If you want, you can also follow up with a brow gel, which will keep hair in place and your brow will be in perfect shape throughout the day. If you do not have a brow gel, then spray a small amount of hair spray on the brush and comb your eyebrows with it, this works equally well as a eyebrow gel.
Step 4:
Now, it’s time to give the finishing touch using a concealer. Line the top and bottom of the eyebrow with a concealer. Be careful to not put this on top of the brow as that will mess up everything. So, go just adjacent to the eyebrows.
Step 5:
Using a flat brush or concealer brush, blend the concealer properly. Now, top it up with some powder if required. Make sure this is blended properly and the whole face looks even toned.