How To Take Care Of Lip Post Embroidery

1. Moisturizemoisturizemoisturize

A few days after the procedure, your lips would start peeling and shed off all the dead skins to reveal the new colour. In this period, they are chapped and prone to cracking. Moisturize the lips every half an hour with a heavy weight balm to ensure they are not over cracked.

2. Avoid all pressure on your lips in the first week

Your lips are uber tender and sensitive right after the embroidery, so treat them gently. Keep EVERYTHING off your lips: food, water and facial & body products. It could be tricky to drink with a straw or spoon food into your mouth without touching the lips ? Persevere, it is only for a few days! Additionally, although it might be tempting, refrain absolutely from pulling off dead skins from your lips. Let them shed off naturally. This will reduce your lip sensitiveness and allow the new color to stay longer.

3. Avoid using lip balms that made for blisters.

Refrain from using lip balms that are made for blisters or cold sores when lips are healed. They will make your lips dry and cause problems.Apply  Vitamin E ointment on your lips when it is healed

4.Mind your diet.

Avoid spicy food, hot food/drinks, seafood, raw food, chicken and eggs as the lips was swollen and numb.

5. Dont smoke!

Do not smoke after the lip procedure. If you do, coat your lips heavily with aftercare cream and cover your lips using your hand while smoking.

6.Minimize strength of your lips.

Do not pucker and stretch your lips. These actions push and pull against the lip edges, applying tension and friction between the strong normal skin surrounding the mouth and the broken lip edges.

7.Avoid The Sun!

Avoid long exposure under the sun or long steamy, and hot showers, saunas or sun beds for at least a week.

8. Refrain from using lip makeup.

Do not apply make up or facial cleanser on pigmented areas.

9.Apply light massage on the lips.

Massage lightly your lips on the third day with after care cream when the oozing stops and it starts peeling.

10.Awaiting for the beautiful results!

Let your lips flake off on its own when it starts peeling. Wait for the true color to come out for about 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment.