Sheena’s beauty secret to looking good without putting make up!

Besides having good skin that glows, We will share with you how to look like an effortless NATURAL BEAUTY.

Here are 3 simple steps Sheena uses:

1. Apply tinted sunscreen and blend well on your skin for natural dewy looking skin
2. Wear natural tone contact lens to match your hair colour
3. Shape your brows in a way that best suits your features (which is the trickiest part)


So today We’ll focus on step 3. Brows.
Straight, clean looking brows is the signature Korean Ulzzang look featured on alot your favorite kpop stars!
Sheena is crazy over this look so you can imagine how much effort Sheena put on her brows before leaving the house. Well it’s risky to draw it herself sometimes because the shape isn’t always consistent especially when she is rushing for time! As a result her friends will make fun of her as this cartoon character called ????!
Haha but as long as you get it right, it makes you look younger and more innocent ^^

Alternatively, She found a less tedious way to achieve Korean brows!
She was invited to The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist for a 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading.

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist provides quality services in an elegant, roman-themed atmosphere located in a convenient city centre location. We offer a wide range of services focusing on enhancing facial features. Our signature treatments are the 3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring, Eyelash Extension and Nano Lips Embroidery Enhancement. We aim to combine excellent treatments carried out in a relaxing environment by a team of highly motivated and trained beauty specialists. We valued total customer satisfaction greatly.

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The Prestige 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring 6
First, we define her brows to get the perfect shape she wants. Then, we apply numbing cream in a relaxing, lavishly decorated environment. We then let the numbing cream take effect (20 mins wait)
Sheena Phua The Prestige 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring (1)
The treatment
The process wasn’t as painful as she thought and it wasn’t long before everything ended!
It only took about an hour and it was done!
It looks slightly harsh right after treatment but it’s normal because it takes a few days to a week for it to look completely natural so you have to be patient for the final results if you are considering to get this treatment done.
Sheena Phua and Celebrity fengshui eyebrow specialist Irene teo - The Prestige 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring
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