Mistakes you should absolutely avoid to achieve perfect eyebrows!

Permanent makeup, waxing, inappropriate colors – these are the missteps you should avoid to have naturally beautiful eyebrows.

Tweezing them too thin

There’s probably a reason for the razor-thin eyebrow look to have taken off, however, the trend is long gone now, along with the era of the Spice Girls. And that’s a good thing! Avoid over-tweezing your hairs if you want to maintain healthy eyebrows – doing so may actually prevent hair growth and you might never allow them to regain their original shape. For pretty, well-defined eyebrows, it is advisable to eliminate the surplus (i.e. the hairs that “exceed” the natural line), but making the eyebrows any thinner will eventually hurt the natural arch.

Caking on the makeup

If your eyebrows are not too obvious and they don’t grow back quickly (or even if they do), avoid putting too much foundation on, especially liquid foundation. In addition to having no usefulness and effectiveness on such a location on your face, creams and powders used will obstruct the eyebrow and even slow down hair growth.

Excessively coloring them in

Colouring in your eyebrows with a pencil might be second nature to most women who like dark and defined brows, but be sure not to do this excessively to enlarge them. Indeed, the Cara Delevingne look does not suit all faces and shouldn’t be a general template to mimic. Keep in mind that there is a reason you were born with your eyebrow shape – such a shape most likely fits your overall appearance, so don’t try to change them too much.

Choosing the wrong color

The secret to a successful eyebrow… is a good consistency with the hair. The “mass” and the color should not contrast with your hair on your head. In short, if you have dark Asian hair, if you are blonde with fine hair, forget eyebrows that are thick and dark. If you find them too light, you can opt for a shade above your natural color, but not darker. It isn’t said enough: staying natural will pay off in the end.

Opting for permanent eyebrows

Trends and tastes change. If you’re thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed onto your face, you might regret it a few years down the road (perhaps even a few weeks later!), so don’t succumb to permanent makeup! Also, anything tattooed tends to age and lose pigmentation. Eventually, you will find going back for frequent touchups annoying and a waste of money. Be satisfied with regular tweezing and penciling.

Too short

This is more than likely an age thing rather than a fault of your own, as we get older, we tend to lose the tail of the brow. Men’s brows never stop growing, (although neither does their nose and ear hair), and our brows get thinner. Filling your brows in with a fiber gel is the easiest option. This adheres to the skin and the hair and will give you a natural, volumized finish. To measure where the eyebrow should end, take a make-up brush, hold it against the corner of the nose and at the angle of the end of the eye, this is where the brow should end, so lengthen to there with the gel. Doing this will lift the appearance of your cheekbones and balance the face.

They look painted on

Being too heavy-handed is a sure-fire way to create blocky, painted on brows that never look natural and often appear as if the brows have been colored in. Use light strokes to create individual hairs on the brows. If using a pencil, ensure it’s as sharp as can be. Never draw with a blunt pencil as you need precision to achieve good brows!

Your arch is all over the place

An arch that is too far forward or too far back can change the entire shape of your face. You want your brows to start, arch and end in the right place as your eyebrows frame your face and make a big difference to your overall look.Brow mapping is key. Now, you won’t have to do this every time you do your brows as you’ll get into a routine once you’ve done it a few times.

Simple steps for creating an eyebrow shape

  • First, take a make-up brush, and starting at the corner of the nose, hold the brush straight up. This is where your brow should start. If it starts in the right place, your nose will look thinner.
  • Mark the point with a brow pencil or powder. For the arch, hold the brush at the corner of the nose and angle it through the center of the eye, This is where your brow should arch. If it arches in the right place, your eyes look wider and bigger. Mark the point.
  • And for the end, go from the corner of the nose and angle to the outer corner of the eye. If your brow ends in the right place your cheekbones will look lifted. Mark here.
  • Then join the marks together using your fave brow product. Remember to do hair like stokes where possible to create a natural looking brow-then remove the marks. You will now have the most perfect shaped brows for your face shape.



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