Are you feeling tired of having to apply lip stick or lip gloss everyday? Do you have the problem of having your lip stick left on your cup when you drink? Or taking more time re-touch your lip?


Our Korean Lip Enhancement will make your lip glow even without applying your lip stick! Why and What is Lip enhancement?

All lips are different and therefore demands may vary. At Prestige Eyebrow, our lip enhancement service includes getting your preferred lip colour, shape and design. Do away with smoker’s black lips and uneven shaped lips for a healthy pink glow.


-Suitable for SMOKERS Black Lips.

-Uneven shaped Lips.


– Do NOT need to use lipstick.

BeforeLipsYvette Before the treatment.

AfterLipsYvette After the treatment.

But waiting a full 7 Days will have the lip be completely peel off with a new colorful lip to brighten up your everyday look.