Let’s start with the truth: nobody has perfect eyebrows. They require your occasional attention and treatment. Also, your eyebrows should complement the features of your face. If you treat and shape them right, they will make your eyes look bigger, wider and brighter and slim the face. But shaping your eyebrows wrong can make you appear older and unapproachable.
You also can’t just duplicate another person’s look; the right eyebrow shape for you depends on your facial structure alone. Here are the most interesting and simple ways to define the shape of your eyebrows, apply the mascara and achieve an awesome look.
Shaping Eyebrows
1) Brush your eyebrows. You should always pay attention to their natural growth direction!
2) Take a pencil and hold it vertically from the nostril to the inner corner of the eyebrow.
3) Define the right length of your brows by placing a pencil diagonally from the base of the nose to the outer corner of your
eye. The brow should end where the pencil and your brow meet.
4) Define the right place for the arch (the peak of your brow). Here you need to hold the pencil vertically from the outer iris. Now you can remove some hair from underneath to enhance the arch.
Removing Excess Hair
Removing excess hair is a really important procedure and it requires all your attentiveness. You can do it by tweezing, waxing, razoring or threading. Before you get started, don’t forget, that shaping your brows doesn’t mean cutting them all off and drawing them back with a pencil. Remember: try to follow your natural brow line to retain your natural look. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows! Sometimes the hair doesn’t grow back.
Extra tip for you: the best time to pluck the unwanted hair is right after you take a shower, when your pores are still open.
Remove unwanted hair using stencils.
This is a simple yet genius invention! If you have a hard time deciding how to tweeze your brows right, try these guys! There are many shapes of stencils and your task is to find the right one, according to your face shape.
You can also use stencils, which have brow wax on their surfaces. Apply them carefully, then remove and you will get rid of the excess hair immediately.
One more tip: If you have any stubborn wax that doesn’t want to come off, put some baby oil on a cotton ball and you will be able to rub the wax right off with no effort.
Styling the Eyebrows
It is important to choose a pencil that is a bit lighter than your natural hair color. Pick a thin, strong angle brush.
Start underneath the eyebrow and create a line. Now continue the line to define the peak of your eyebrow. After this, fill in the eyebrow and use a brush to soften the look.
Use a brow powder if needed. It should be close to your natural hair color. To set the powder better, apply a brow gel or sealer.
For a more glam look
1) Create a clean line under your brow with a darker shade eyebrow pencil.
2) Define an eyebrow arch and create the top line of the eyebrow. Fill in the gaps of the outer corner of the brow, try not to push too hard.
3) Use the top line as a guide, and begin filling in the inner part of your brow with a lighter pencil.
4) For a more natural look use an eyebrow pencil.
5) Use a brow shaping gel if needed. Do not apply too much product.
6) To achieve a cleaner brow look and conceal some small mistakes, use an eyebrow lifter (highlighting pen will be ok!). Apply it below the brow and tone out with a brush.
Remember: Well groomed brows are always in style. When your brows look gorgeous and defined, you can use minimal makeup, because they make a strong statement.
Now find the right technique and the right look for yourself and stick with it.