Waxing has been used for many years to remove unwanted hair at various parts f the body. Here we are going to talk about the different types of wax and its uses.


Hard Wax

Hard wax is applied and allowed to cool and harden. When quality hard wax is used, there is less trauma on the skin as quality wax does not stick to the skin and only sticks to the hair so it is recommended for clients with sensitive skin.

Soft wax

Also known as strip wax is a product with the consistency of honey when heated. Strip wax is spread thinly across the skin and covered with a muslin or non-woven strip. This waxing material is the most practical type of treatment to be used especially on larger areas as hard wax would take a long time to fully remove hair at large areas.


Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is also known as natural hair removal method. Sugar wax consist of water, lemon and sugar. The wax is heated up before use and its consistency would be the same as the soft wax.


Many different body area can be waxed like the upper lip, brows, face, arms, legs and bikini area. Some areas are more sensitive and would feel more sensation than other parts as the nerves are abundant in the area. Always make sure your waxing therapist is equpped with mask and gloves as well as the parlour being neat and clean. As with every treatment, you should always be careful and do your homework by looking for experienced waxing therapist. You might suffer skin tears if your wax therapist is inexperienced so do be careful.


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