The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
I recently did the 3D Korean Nano eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring by The Prestige Lash & Brow Specialist and I’m very satisfied with it!

If you have followed me for years, you’ll know that I did eyebrow embroidery microblading a couple of years back, so my review isn’t based on a first experience. I’ve always been VERY critical of brows since 14-15 years old and nice brows are a must-have.

Prestige, for one, did a MUCH better job than the previous shop I went to. They were very diligent, had better taste in recommendation, and were much more skilled. It was less painful too.

My previous embroidery in 2011 had already faded to a thin REDDISH color at the ends and it wasn’t that good an experience that’s why I never bothered to talk about it much.

Thankfully, Prestige knew how to cover the red. During the shaping process,all I needed was to tell them I wanted something with a slight arch and they did most of the adjustments themselves – occasionally heeding my advice.

I wouldn’t say it’s completely painless, but it’s very bearable – though I may not be the best person to vouch for the level of pain since I’m quite um, inked alot hahaha. The best way to describe it is like having a blunt penknife picking at your skin.

1ST PICTURE – BEFORE : No makeup, clean browns (not drawn)
2ND PICTURE – AFTER: Shaped brows, no eye makeup
3RD PICTURE – AFTER: Completely healed brows, with eye makeup.

As you can tell, my natural brows were quite sparse before the embroidery. Prestige did a good job in creating a natural effect with a stroke-by-stroke method which replicated hair strands.
With one of the owners of Prestige, Shantelle, & my friend Jordus who linked me to them! Thanks Jor!

I was SO glad to hear that it was located at Pacific Plaza, DIRECTLY beside my office at Shaw Centre (Orchard)!!


1st in Asia to specialize in MEN Eyebrows & FENG SHUI Eyebrows

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist – Newly opened on the third level of Pacific Plaza at unit #03-08 is a luxury beauty parlor which specializes in eyebrow embroidery microblading, Eyelash extensions and other related treatments for both men and women.

Stunningly and lavishly decorated in velvet red and shiny gold, the entire shop oozes opulent grandeur as though one has been transported back to the days of the “Roman Empire” where royalty enjoy being pampered from head to toe.
About the embroidery I did:

• Latest technique in the current beauty industry

• Semi-permanent procedure to enhance the looks and thickness of your eyebrows.

• Hair-like strokes embroidered onto the skin with colour pigment matched to your eyebrow colour to create a natural appearance that can last up to 2 years depending on skin type.

• Unlike the traditional permanent makeup (tattoo) where green colour pigment are deposited to fill a brow which appears unpleasant and unnatural.

• A range of Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Grey colour shades are available for you to choose from to match your skin and hair colour.

• Eyebrow Nano Embroidery Enhancement Technology is very mild and comfortable.

• A session takes about 55 minutes to complete depending on skin types and conditions.

What to expect for the The Prestige 3D Korean Nano eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring

It takes about 55 Minutes to get your Eyebrow Enhancement done.

Step 1: (15 Mins) – They will take a photo of your eyebrows, then explain to you what should be done to enhance your face shape and features from having a fuller set of eyebrows. They would also let you see photos of their clients, and understand what kind of eyebrow shape you would prefer.

Step 2: (10 Mins) – They will draw and shape your eyebrows, with 2 design choices, one on your left eye, the other one your right eye, you would then choose which one you prefer.

Step 3: (15 Mins) – They will put some numbing cream onto your eyebrows, you would need to wait for 15 minutes, so that the treatment would not hurt.

Step 4: (15 Mins) – The Eyebrow Specialist would start the Eyebrow Colouring Treatment and next thing you know, you finally have a fuller brows, which is deem as lucky, when it comes to Feng Shui.

As all humans, our skin sheds and regenerates new skin cells. Hence, the naturally enhanced eyebrow embroidery microblading colouring will slowly fade off naturally. It is a normal process to shed “old” skin cells to reproduce new baby skin. So it is normal to do a touch up once in 10-12 months to maintain your newly shaped eyebrows.

The Prestige 3D Korean Nano eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring
eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring (Director) – $1288 (5 Sessions)

eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring – $1088 (5 Sessions)

eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring – $888 (3 Sessions)

1st in ASIA – Specialized in EYEBROWS for MEN
Here is my friend Jordus with his brows!

The Prestige is the 1st and only eyebrow spa in Asia that specialises in men’s eyebrows. Men’s eyebrows are different from female’s. They are shaped in a thicker and bolder manner. Many men with cuts, scars or just basically uneven eyebrows get their eyebrows fixed here. The Chinese also believe that men with sparse eyebrows, have their fortunes, falling through their hairs. In order to maintain your wealth and fortunes, you would need to cover all your holes and empty spots in your brows.

The Prestige have served numerous male celebrities, models; doctors, bankers, lawyers and even pilots that chose to do their brows to enhance their look or just to change their fengshui. Just a change of their brow shape can change their look from menacing to friendly, or weak to authoritative. Just as it is important to a woman to have beautiful brows, a lack of brow hair may affect the confidence level of a man.

eyebrow embroidery microblading Enhancement for Men

Men Power Up Eyebrows Creative – from $588/$888 (3/5 Sessions)

Men Power Up Eyebrows Colouring – from $888/$1288 (3/5 Sessions)

Eyelash Extensions

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist also have Eyelash Extensions from $48 dollars onwards! They are the first in asia to have 3 months or 6 months VIP passes for unlimited eyelash extensions.

Quote “CHEVONNECHENG.COM” for 15% discount.