Hello ladies!
The weekends are finally here!!

Don’t you all just love looking good even without makeup on?
Well, the first step to achieving that would be to have a flawless complexion.
& the 2nd in my opinion, would be to have beautiful eyes!
Eyes are the windows to our souls.
As cliche as it sounds, the eyes are really one of the most important features of our face.
& when we talk to others, more often than not, our eyes are engaged with the eyes of others’.

So what better way to frame our face & enhance our peepers than to have our eyelashes & eyebrows taken care of by the very dedicated & talented people from Prestige..

CIMG5043 1

Prestige Eyebrow & Lash are pretty much the famous new kid around the block.
They were launched just months ago in January,
and have many famous celebrities, socialites & bloggers visiting them!
(*psst, if you are lucky, you might be able to spot them behind the plush & cosy rooms)

I have visited Prestige twice in the past 2 plus months to have my eyebrows & lashes done.
For me, I was not born with a beautiful set of eyebrows.
My natural ones were sparse, droopy, with no arch or shape actually.
& my visit to Prestige was a wonderful opportunity for me to have my brows done.
Now, I can look good even without filling in my brows,
What’s more,
Life is a breeze when you have professionals picking out the best arch & shape to frame your face!
& now I don’t have to struggle with drawing a shape that differs everyday..
(I used to be laughed at about my brows btw, even by random strangers on Instagram!)

CIMG5036 1

My ugly natural brows filled in w eyebrow pencil!

So this is usually how it goes at Prestige.
If this is your first visit, the eyebrow specialist would often sit you down with a mirror in hand,
and ask for your preferred shape & how high would you like your arch to be.
Nowadays, the korean straight eyebrows are in trend, and many have been asking for a set of brows like the K Pop stars we are so obsessed about.
However for me, I was never into Korean makeup or the K Pop stars look,
rather I love my brows to be arched like the Caucasian or Eurasian superstars.

After deciding on your preferences, the eyebrow specialist at Prestige will draw out two shapes,
one on each brow.
& you’d get to pick which you prefer.
If you like lighter brows, go ahead & ask for them..
But if you are like me, with blondish or light coloured hair, go for darker brows.
Brows should always be contrasting to your current hair colour!
So if you are blonde, go for a darker brow shade, at least about 2 shades darker.
& if you have dark hair, go for about 2 shades lighter!

Upon choosing & deciding on the small neaty gritty details,
you will have numbing cream applied to your brows for about 10-20 minutes.
& I swear, the process is almost painless thanks to the numbing cream.


Honest Experience:
My first virgin visit & experience was a little painful towards the end,
as the numbing cream wore off.
But my 2nd trip was such a breeze that I even had a small snooze!
Yes, it was that comfortable & painless.
No joke.

I had my eyelashes permed too on my first visit,
which I actually love a lot.
They made my normally droopy lashes curl out & up,
& for about 1 month plus, I didn’t have to curl my lashes at all before applying my mascara.
Talk about efficiency when applying makeup with both my eyelashes & brows settled.

CIMG5053 1
After 1st Embroidery Session

CIMG5055 1
CIMG5057 1
After 1st Embroidery Session

You can see how neat and defined my brows were.
& this is without any eye brow pencil or powder etc.
Perfect natural-looking brows!
I didn’t go for a too dark shade as it was my first time, rather a more natural looking shade.
After 2nd Visit Touch-Up!

After 2nd Visit Touch-Up!

I got my brows to look fuller and darker!!
Still looks good in my opinion, and I can even go out without filling in my brows at all!

With Veron, the eyebrow specialist!!
She was ever so patient in hearing what I wanted for my brows.
& really recreated my brows to frame my face nicely!
She even adjusted the brow arch to be a little higher, cos my natural one was just too droopy..