It was an exciting moment when I was invited to try the services at

The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist
Pacific Plaza #03-08
9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210
Phone – 6733 3369 / 6733 3379
Website –
Facebook –

They offer a wide range of beauty services for both ladies and gentlemen and I was excited at the prospect of getting my lashes done. I checked out their website and was pleasantly surprised to see great reviews. It made me feel a little more secure that I was putting my face in the hands of the experts. Having done eyelash extension once many years before, I had a preconceived notion of what to expect. My prior experience wasn’t what I’d call magical as my lashes kept hitting the lenses of my glasses whenever I batted my eyelids. It was not very comfortable to say the least and a handful to manage. So I allowed the strands of fibre extensions to meet their timely demise.

The shop itself was in an royal Roman theme of gold and red finishes. I love the roman-esque touches on their chairs and counter and their uniform even comes with a cloak. I mean, how cool is that right? How many people get to work in attire like that? As a customer, it’s almost like walking into a theme park.

I had the opportunity to meet Irene, founder and fengshui eyebrow design specialist.

The very professional and assuring Jacqueline attended to me. She was very patient and easy to talk to. First she did a quick analysis of my lashes, followed by an explanation of the types of eyelashes they have.

As you can see in the picture below, 4 different types are available with varying thicknesses and lengths. The thicker ones are fibre lashes while the finest is Mink, followed by the Silk type. They also come in Long, Medium and Short to suit our preferences.

I decided to go for a natural look with the Silk lashes in medium and short lengths. I’m really impressed as they are able to customize my look. They offered options of Dolly look with longer strands in the middle of the eyes to create a wide-eyed effect. The other option was a fan-like Glamour look reminiscent of pin-up girls, with longer strands at the outer tips of the eyes.




So, for reference’s sake, I’m posting these untouched pictures of me without eyeliner and mascara to show my original lashes which seem to sprout sporadically and randomly. (It is recommended that you arrive with minimum makeup for the treatment.)

Jacqueline carefully brushed out my lashes before putting a base under them. She then painstakingly glued strand by strand to each individual lash. In the first picture below, only my left eye is complete. Notice how much fuller and longer the lashes are.

I also love how they curl upwards. WHEEeeeeee…time saved on eyelash curler, mascara and on occasion, fake eyelashes as well!

Anyway, what’s a review without before/after photos. Here is a recent picture a few nights before I went to enhance my lashes.

And here are some post-enhancement photos. I look visibly happier!



The lashes are easy to care for. The experts recommend using a lash brush to tidy up the kinks and messiness on a daily basis.

DO NOT use a cotton pad to remove eye makeup unless you enjoy a sticky situation, literally. I use a gel-based eye makeup remover that rinses off, followed by a cotton bud along the lash line to remove eyeliner.

Do not rub your eyes as this may tug at the extensions and result in loss of lashes. In case you do need to dry your face after washing, just dab with a towel gently.

I wouldn’t recommend swimming or wetting your face as water gets trapped between the lashes and makes opening the eyes difficult. I have however, perspired profusely during hot yoga and the lashes were unaffected.

As a natural process, a few strands may drop over the process of a few weeks. To maintain the full look, a touch-up may be needed in 4-6 weeks’ time.

So, in summary, this beauty enhancement saves quite some time on mascara and I can look great even without makeup. Even though it’s only eyelashes, it does make a visible difference – less eye shadow is needed and you can even skip the liner if you are in a hurry. A touch of eyeliner at the tips to is all you need lengthen the eyes for a everyday look. For added effect, I dab on some mascara at the lower lashes and use a fine gel liner.

The Silk lashes are really lighter than the fibre ones I used to have before and they are so comfortable I forget I have any on. The effect is totally natural and they blend in with my natural lashes.I would recommend Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialists to anyone seeking immaculate care and shortcuts to their makeup routine.

For more information about their services or prices, visit their website