Hey all! If you have seen my latest photos, you might have noticed some differences on my face. Not sure if you’ve guessed it, I just had
3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading done at THE PRESTIGE EYEBROW & LASH SPECIALIST. It’s alright even if you didn’t spot any change,
because I wanted it to look natural and not ‘tattooed” like my previous bad experience at a less renowned beauty parlor (more about that later).
My experience at THE PRESTIGE was sucha fantastic one, and I’m here to share more about it.

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
Pacific Plaza #03-08, 9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210
6733 3369 / 6733 3379

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist provides quality services in an elegant, roman-themed atmosphere located in a convenient city centre location. They offer a wide range of services focusing on enhancing facial features. Their signature treatments are the 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring, Eyelash Extension and Nano Lips Embroidery Enhancement. They aim to combine excellent treatments carried out in a relaxing environment by a team of highly motivated and trained eyebrow and lash specialists, trained by world renowned Celebrity Eyebrow Feng Shui Specialist – Irene Teo. They valued total customer satisfaction greatly.

Prior to my experience at THE PRESTIGE, I did some research and the first thing that attracted me was its
location. Located at #03-08 Pacific Plaza, it’s right smack in town which puts it a notch above the rest in the
heartland areas (it can get quite inconvenient sometimes since I stay in the northeast). The accessible location
is definitely a plus point for me. What impressed me more, was the roman-themed design of the parlor.
This place is wayy more beautiful than in photos.

The first step was to draw the shape/outline of the desired eyebrows using a pencil.
I requested for slightly thicker brows, so the specialist created two different looks on each brow and I got to
pick my preference. They were really patient to perfect them, until I was satisfied with the curve, height etc.

I hope this photo doesn’t scare you, I wanted to show how sparse my brows look when they aren’t drawn.
I’ve always felt that a nice set of eyebrows is really important in making one look sharp and polished.
They frame your face and determine how a person looks, so entrust your brows only to the best.

I’ve learnt it the hard way though, cos’ my previous experience at a neighborhood parlor left me horrible red
markings that can only be removed via laser treatment which is really costly and painful. Thankfully, the very
experienced specialists at THE PRESTIGE were able to do their magic in covering them.

Numbing cream was applied to the brows and it is extremely important to wait 20mins for it to take effect.
I could feel the pain on the first brow she worked on, probably cos’ the numbing cream hasn’t taken effect.
The pain is definitely manageable though, much less than I expected. As for the other brow, no pain at all!

This was how the brows looked right after procedure! Taken with Celebrity Eyebrow Fengshui Specialist –
Irene Teo, who is voted number 1 in Asia for 3D Korean Eyebrow Enhancement.

A closeup of the eyebrows – LOVE how they look very natural

The place was so beautifully done, I couldn’t miss an ootd shot in it 😉
In Fey Fluted Dress still available here.

Met the boy right after, and he liked how the brows turned out as well. I really love how much time I save
getting ready these days, definitely looking forward to my touch-up session to even out the tone slightly.

If you’re thinking of doing something to your brows, I’d highly recommend THE PRESTIGE EYEBROW & LASH SPECIALIST.
They are having a 1-1 VIP promotion right now, so do make an appointment with them soon!
Alternatively, you might be interested to find out about the other services they provide like Lips Embroidery Enhancement,
Nano Eyeliner Embroidery and Korean/Japanese Eyelash Extension. Pricelist as stated below, if you’re keen.
Don’t forget to quote “Lucinda” to enjoy 15% off all services.