This week, I went to The Prestige Eyebrow & lash Specialist to try out the latest eyebrow embroidery microblading technique in the current beauty industry.
3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Colouring is a semi-permanent procedure to enhance the looks and thickness of eyebrows. Hair-like strokes are embroidered onto the skin with colour pigment matched to your eyebrow colour to create a natural appearance that can last up to 2 years (depending on skin type).
As you can see, my eyebrows are sparse and very light, I always have to draw them in as part of my make up routine. First, 2 different eyebrow shapes were drawn on, so I could choose the shape I preferred. This took about 15 minutes.

I chose the shape shown on my right eyebrow.
After choosing the shape, both eyebrows were drawn to that shape and a numbing cream was applied. Had to leave that on for about 20 minutes so that I would not feel any pain once the procedure started.
I love the oppulent feel of The Prestige, makes one feel like royalty and their staff are so friendly and attentive. The room where I got my embroidery done was very comfortable and relaxing.
SAM_1146 (1)
The procedure itself took less than 30 minutes. I was afraid that it might be painful… but when she started embroidering, I was surprised that I could not feel anything at all! On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was seriously at ZERO.

After a while, I started to feel the pain level go up to number 1, and I thought to myself “oh oh, I’m starting to feel the pain now… I wonder how high the pain will rise.” And just as I had that thought, it was done! Finished! And she moved on to do the next eyebrow, and the pain level on that was back to Zero again. 🙂

When she was finished, she applied a cream on top and I was given a little tub to apply on my eyebrows morning and night for a few days.
I love the results, you can see the individual strokes which look just like natural eyebrow hairs.
The colour immediately after embroidering is very dark, but this will lighten in a couple of days, and it should lightly peel off after a week. Leaving me with soft, natural, fuller and shapelier eyebrows.
This is day one after doing the embroidery. There’s absolutely no pain, no discomfort. Love that I don’t have to spend time shaping and drawing my eyebrows anymore.
3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading using the Advanced Colouring Duo Instrument Technique costs $888 for 3 Sessions. They also have eyebrow embroidery microblading available for men. Check their website for more information as well as pricing details for all their available packages. Quote “Holly” for 15% discount off Prestige Services

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