I’ve realised that Singapore has been really starting to jump on the eyebrow bandwagon with many people opting for different procedures to enhance their eyebrows. eyebrow embroidery microblading has been a very popular service lately. It is an in between an eyebrow dye and tatoo and only permeates the first layer of skin so in that sense it is semi permanent. Curious, I went to The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist located in Pacific Plaza, #03-08, 9 Scotts Road to check it out.

Eyebrows frame the face and when done right can make you look slimmer, younger and even more symmetrical. It is always important to have your eyebrows groomed! My eyebrows are naturally not that sparse so I was interested how they could transform them. The Prestige is really amazing. I mean, look at my before and after! My eyebrows look amazingly natural and much more defined! I thought I might walk you through the process in case you are interested in what eyebrow embroidery microblading is since everyone is talking about it lately.

First of all, I want to introduce to you the place I got my eyebrows done at! The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist is a luxurious boutique offering eyebrow, eyelash, eyeliner and lip enhancement services. Irene Teo founded The Prestige and has done eyebrow embroidery microblading enhancement for many celebrities who fly down from different countries for her services. The Prestige is also known to also cater to men and even provide feng shui brows that apparently increase luck and fortune!
The Prestige boutique is really luxuriously decorated. When you step in, it looks just like a Roman palace and the setting with the thick red curtains makes the place just a nice setting to do your brows in! To be honest, for what it is worth, I really do suggest you rather do eyebrow embroidery microblading in a more hygienic and proper place like this because the procedure of eyebrow embroidery microblading requires it. So spend a bit more to avoid a nasty infection. I don’t want to sound like I have my nose in the air, but it is just my advice. That is why I went here instead of a more “affordable” place. You will see why!

So let’s get started and see what eyebrow embroidery microblading is really like! The service I got at The Prestige, which was a sponsored package, is the 3D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading Colouring VIP unlimited sessions for 1 year worth S$2,888. Yes it is quite a prestigious price but I really did love my eyebrows and it is unlimited touchups for a full year. When you come in, the specialist first draws your eyebrows to a desired shape with an eyebrow pencil. That way, you can advise the specialist on the shape of how you want your brows before they get put in place! When you are happy with it, they will then apply a crystal healing gel for about 20 minutes so you basically can’t feel the procedure (which is a good thing).

To be honest, I was really quite hesitant to do the procedure. eyebrow embroidery microblading sounds like such a scary sounding thing but really, after doing it – there is really nothing to be afraid of. After the crystal healing gel has taken effect, the specialist then inserts the ink into the first layer of skin in stroke motions to mimic the way your hair grows so the effect it produces is very natural. Thanks to the crystal healing gel, it was a basically painless procedure. It kind of feels like someone is combing your brows hair by hair.

Your eyebrow hair isn’t removed in the process, but they do look more defined and enhanced as you can see. What is super important and what you need to know about eyebrow embroidery microblading is that you can never expect your brows to be “finished” the first time you get them done. You have to go for touchups to add more stroke layers so that it becomes even more natural. So, these here are my unfinished brows but they must heal up for one month before I can do anything more to them.

After a month had passed, I went back to get my touch-up. By that time, my brows did fade a little bit as well so this is not a tatoo. Again the same procedure with the crystal healing gel and then inserting the ink. I also suggest you get their dark brown color regardless unless you want to look like a vintage pin up doll 24/7.

Look at this! It really does look like hair. I don’t have to go and define them everyday now and they are evenly shaped too. I like a bit of thickness to my brows so this is perfect!

Eyebrows really do frame the face and are super important to your look. Thank you The Prestige for really transforming my brows. The results really speak for themselves and the I have gotten a lot of compliments about them!


Because of the way they turned out and the procedure, I really do suggest this place if you are interested in getting eyebrow embroidery microblading done. I hope you learned a lot about eyebrow embroidery microblading and hopefully check out The Prestige too! The Prestige is located at:
The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza
#03-08 Singapore 228210
Tel: 67333369 / 67333379