Prepped’ Up! By The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist


They say our eyes are like windows to our soul.
We can talk with them without having to speak a word.

I think guys would know that especially when their woman is pissed. Haha, right?


Much thanks to The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist, I’m getting my eyebrows and eyelashes enhanced! So even when I’m in my full face helmet, you can see my eyes flutter in style.

Among celebs like Bong Qiuqiu, socialites like Kim Lim, Dawn Yang and other beautiful women, I’m privileged to try out this much raved beauty palace.



The place felt very cozy, nicely decorated with long curtain drapes of deep red and gold in Roman Greek style.

As rugged as I can be when I ride a bike, I actually love being dolled up too! You know, look pretty and all. I’m a girl after all.

No matter how waterproof make up claims to be, it can still smudge over time, especially under hours of sun, sweat and facial oil.

With the Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist’s signature Creative 3D Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading, using the latest technology in the beauty industry, I can rest easy in getting fuller and natural looking brows without having to worry looking like



Depending on different skin types, eyebrow embroidery microblading can last up to 2 years. Not only does it save time and hassle having to draw them, but I can confidently enjoy outdoor activities like biking or swimming without worrying they will disappear halfway.


Creative 3D Korean eyebrow embroidery microblading ($888 for 3 sessions)

Drawing & Shaping the Brow

Jacqueline was very patient and drew the shape of my brow multiple times before I finally agreed with the desired look. After all, this semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery microblading will last for some time, you’d want to ensure its the look you are satisfied with.

Numbing Cream

After letting the numbing cream sit for 15 – 20 minutes, the eyebrow embroidery microblading process started. Stroke by stroke, you can hear as if the coloring pen is cutting your skin. Sounds scary right? BUT! The whole process is actually PAINLESS.

I almost dozed off while Jacqueline worked her magic on my brows.


Korean Mink Eyelash Extensions ($128)

I don’t put mascara and seldom wear fake lashes as I don’t really like anything on my precious lashes. But Jacqueline managed to convince me to try theirs.

Boasting as the lightest and thinnest eyelash in the current beauty industry, I remained skeptical until I had them on my lashes.

Lash by lash, Jacqueline meticulously extended each of my lash with the Korean Mink Eyelashes and boy, does it look natural. Even super up-close, you can’t see the difference between the real lash and the extension ones.


With Jacqueline


Weight-wise, I can still feel something sitting on my lashes but it’s lighter than the one-piece eyelash extensions you buy off the shelves.

Depending on how gentle you are when removing your eye make up, the eyelash extensions can last up to 2 months (that’s quite long).  I wake up everyday now to bright eyes even without any eye make up because the long lashes effect really opens up the eyes.


Bright eyes even with no eye make up for Race Day!


The Good

Bright eyes without having to do anything to them.

You don’t have to worry about wearing cheap fake lashes and having them fall off halfway especially when you’re out on a date or partying with your friends.

The Bad

You’ve gotta be really careful when removing eye make up and avoid rubbing the eyes otherwise you risk pulling out your real lash too 🙁


Now that I’m all prepped up, I’m ready for the party.

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