Routine: Night/Morning Routine That Every Girl Should Know

Do you find that your days are chaotic and you can’t get off on the right foot or end in a peaceful way? Studies have shown that people who follow a daily routine are more likely to feel prepared and less stress about the day. By establishing a regular and predictable morning and evening routine, you can have a wonderful and easygoing day.


Eat Breakfast Daily:

Studies show that breakfast is an important meal because it gives you the energy and nutrients to get through your day. Eat a healthy breakfast every day to minimize the risk of having a mid-morning slump or low blood sugar, which can make you cranky.

  • Have 2-3 foods and include at least one item from the following groups: bread and grain, milk and milk products, and fruits or vegetables. For example, you could have a slice of toast, a cup of yogurt, a banana and cereal for a healthy breakfast.
  • Keep portable options like breakfast bars and fruit like apples and bananas for times when you’re running late.
  • Consider setting out breakfast items the night before. This can help streamline your routine.

Take a shower:

After a night of sleep and maybe sweating, not only can a shower clean you, but it may also help you wake up better. An evening shower, on the other hand, can help you decrease your stress level and sleep peacefully. 

  • Use warm water between 36 and 40 degrees Celcius (or 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit) so that you don’t scald yourself. Check the temperature with a thermometer or stick your hand and foot in the water stream for a second. But definitely, if you prefer to use cold water to make yourself comfortable, yea why not?
  • Use a cleanser or soap that is gentle and has a neutral pH.
  • You may want to consider brushing your teeth in the shower to conserve water.
  • Dry yourself off completely.

Apply skincare products and deodorant:

Once you’ve lightly patted your skin dry, you can apply skin products as you need them. They will keep your skin soft and may help control any acne you have. Deodorant keeps you smelling fresh and keeps body odor at bay.

  • Use a separate moisturizer for your face and body. The skin on your face is thinner and can be prone to breakouts. Make sure to use a product formulated for your skin type.
  • Apply any treatment creams for acne or other conditions before your moisturizer.
  • Consider warming the moisturizer between your hands or fingers before application. This may help it absorb more quickly.

Put on “your face.”

If you wear any makeup, put it on your face once your moisturizer has soaked into your skin. Once you’ve finished your makeup you can do your hair.

  • Streamline your makeup routine so it is as light as possible. This can save you time and help you look natural.
  • Consider keeping your hairstyle as simple as possible, to help you save time. If you want to try something more elaborate, do a style that you can get easily overnight. For example, if you want waves or curls, you can either put your hair in a bun or braid it before you go to bed. After your shower, take it out and let your curls fall.

Dress up:

Put on your clothing and accessories for the day once you’ve got your makeup on and hair beautifully done. Getting your outfit together the night before can help save time and prevent a stressful situation where you don’t know what to wear.

  • Make sure your clothes are ironed or free of wrinkles. One easy way to release wrinkles is by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam can help get rid of minor bumps and wrinkles.
  • Consider taking layers in case you go outside. For example, you might want to take a cute cardigan or jacket if you go out for drinks after class or work.
  • Put on any jewelry/ accessories you’d like to wear.
  • Spray a nice, light perfume on yourself. It may help people remember you because studies have shown that scent is closely tied to memory.

Gather items for your day:

If you are going to school or work, collect anything you need for the day. This might include lunch, pens, your phone, or books.

  • Keep a list on the refrigerator or other places you can see so you know what you need every day. You can also keep notes on your phone.
  • Consider putting out most of your belongings the evening before so you don’t forget anything or cause yourself undue stress.



Finish remaining work:

If you have any work from school or your job to do once you get home, finish it a few hours before you go to bed. This can help you relax and make it easier to get into your evening routine and fall asleep.

  • Get as much done at work or in school as possible so you can enjoy a more relaxed evening.

Prepare for the next day.

Get your stuff together for the next day as much as possible. This can minimize your risk of being late and also help you have a stress-free morning, which will help you start the day out right.

  • Set out the clothing you want to wear or a couple of options. Make sure the clothes are ironed if necessary.
  • Pack your lunch or any snacks you’ll have.
  • Get breakfast items, such as bowls, foods, and glasses, ready. You may also want to set your coffee machine alarm so you have warm coffee when you get up.

Create a cozy bedroom:

Get your room ready for bed a couple of hours before you plan to go to sleep. A cozy environment helps you fall asleep quickly stay asleep through the night.

  • Set the temperature between 60-75 degrees and open a window or run a fan to keep the air circulating.
  • Remove electronics from your room, which can stimulate and stress you.
  • Block out any sources of light. If you need a nightlight, consider a non-stimulating color such as red.
  • Fluff up your mattress, pillows, and sheets so it feels like a cloud.

Stick to a fixed bedtime:

Aim to go to bed at about the same time every night. This helps regulate your body clock and can help you to have a more restful night.

  • Set your bedtime so that you can get 7-9 hours of sleep a night and so you have time to shift into bedtime mode. For example, if you need to get up at 6:30 am, you would need to be in bed by 11:30 pm at the latest.
  • Start shifting into bedtime mode about 2-3 hours before your set bedtime.

Shift into bedtime mode:

After a long day, your body needs time to relax and slow down. Give yourself at least an hour before your bedtime to help you relax and fall asleep more easily.

  • Avoid electronics or devices if you can because they may stimulate your brain, making it hard to relax and fall asleep.
  • Dim lights in your room to signal your brain and body it’s slowly time for sleep.

Establish a bedtime ritual:

As your shift into bedtime mode, follow a pre-bed ritual. Try activities to relax and prepare you for bed.

  • Remove your makeup and wash your face with warm water.
  • Choose entertainment that you can do in dimmed light like reading or stroking your pet.
  • Drink warm milk or herbal tea, like peppermint, lavender or chamomile to relax.
  • Take a warm bath to further relax you and help you get drowsy.
  • Give yourself a massage. There is some evidence that massaging essential oils on to your feet or temples may help you relax and sleep. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes.
  • Set your alarm.

Stay in bed:

If you are overstimulated or not tired, get into bed at a set time every night. Getting into a cozy bed and bedroom environment can help you relax and fall asleep.

  • Get up if you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes. Try doing something relaxing like reading in dimmed light or listening to white noise. Get back into bed after 20 minutes, and repeat the pattern until you fall asleep.


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