Did you know you really shouldn’t be able to feel eyelash extensions? They should feel like less than wearing mascara! Some people don’t even realise this and think that pain and itching are all part of the normal process when wearing eyelash extensions.

Well, I’m here to tell you – it’s NOT!

Any pain experienced while wearing eyelash extensions should serve as a warning that something is not right. And this can be caused by a number of reasons including the ones listed below:

The eyelashes have not been 100% isolated there’s a chance some lashes could be sticking together.

  • As natural eyelashes grow at different rates if there are any sticking as one grows it can be pulling a neighbouring lash out with it that was not ready to come out. If there is constantly poor isolation in the sets then permanent damage is a real risk that can occur and you will find you may need a break and suffer from a thinner than normal lash line. A good eyelash technician will strive for 100% perfect isolation, but don’t forget they are still human, so if you’re experiencing discomfort just let them know.

You may have an allergy to the lash adhesive.

  • This usually occurs in clients that have been continually getting their lashes done over a long period of time and suddenly become allergic but can still occur in first timers. You will know it’s an allergy straight away as there is usually swelling of one or both eyelids. If this happens, unfortunately, you are no longer a candidate for eyelash extensions. Ever. Notify your technician asap and book an appointment at the doctors to get a correct diagnosis and begin treatment if applicable. You will then need to see your technician for a prompt removal.

You’re not washing your lashes at least once per day.

  • You must wash your lashes. When we add extensions to the natural lash it creates a little pocket where dirt, makeup, oil and dead skin can build up. EEW. If this isn’t cleared away you are leaving yourself open to infections and lash mites! YES MITES – I’ll write more about this in another blog post… For best results use a specially formulated eyelash cleanser to maintain those extensions or at least avoid any oil based cleansers as it will break down the adhesive.

The extensions are too heavy for the natural lash.

  • If your technician has used lashes that are too heavy for your lashes, or you may have even persisted that she does this, it can cause damage. It can weigh down the natural eyelash causing it to fall out prematurely and cause some pain while it’s happening.

The technician has used the wrong kind of lashes.

  • Unfortunately, there are technicians out there that are unknowingly (and some are knowingly doing it (insert angry face!)) causing permanent damage to peoples lashes by applying party lashes or clusters and strip lashes with eyelash extensions adhesive. This will really really hurt! And if this has happened to you go to someone to have them removed asap and hopefully save your lashes before it’s too late!

I hope this information has helped you understand that eyelash extensions should never give you any discomfort and if they do you need to contact your technician straight away to discuss the issue with them.

And remember when you are looking for a great eyelash technician check The Lash & Brow Directory for someone in your area.