In the last several years, waxing has become a common (and popular) service offered at salons and spas. Whether it’s the eyebrow, upper lip, armpit or, well, someplace more intimate, many people choose waxing for longer-lasting hair removal. But to those who’ve never done it (or who’ve done it once and had a bad experience), it can seem a bit daunting. If you’re thinking about giving waxing a try, we’ve spoken to the experts and gotten the inside scoop on everything from preparation and pain to what kind of results to expect, so you can be well prepared when it comes time to take it all off—your hair, that is.

Who can do Waxing??

Waxing is a great alternative to shaving if you have hair you’re uncomfortable with. Waxing is recommended for people of all ages and both genders. Though she recommends that people start getting wax treatments at a young age, when the hair is fine and will be less painful to remove, anyone can get it done, regardless of age.

Waxing VS Shaving

Waxing is better because it removes [hair] from the root. Shaving will not entirely remove from the roots and for over prolong period of time, there will be a visible black patch over there too. Waxing, on the other hand, not only can last up to a month, but it’s also much more permanent—over time it thins the hair so less grows back. Bonus: It exfoliates the skin as well, leaving you feeling silky smooth.

What to prepare the day before going for waxing?

Recommending an exfoliating scrub the day before and advise not to apply body lotion the day of the wax. Also, for underarm waxing, recommended using deodorant without antiperspirant because it comes off easier.


The beautician will clean and disinfect the area. After that, she’ll apply the wax and remove small areas of hair at a time. We will have the soft wax to be done with paper strips, and hard wax is removed without strips. In general, hard wax is used to remove hair in the bikini, underarm and face area; soft wax is used on larger areas of the body such as the leg or armpit. Afterward, will remove any wax residue and apply the cream.

And definitely you will experience pain throughout the process as it involves in removing hair thoroughly from the roots.

Aftercare Advice

Although the pain may subside after a while after the process, the area may still be sensitive. Advise on not to use any scrubs for the next 48 hours and not to expose the area to direct sun for at least 24 hours. Could opt for a soothing cream from the pharmacy to sooth the area.

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