Eyelash extensions are all the rage now as it is very convenient and looks very natural. Below are the types of materials used in the extensions. Some feel softer while some gives a more dramatic effect.

Silk Extensions

Silk lashes are one of the more common extensions available in the market. While they are lighter and is not as glossy as the previous extensions, it is still made out of synthetic materials. Silk extensions are used to enhance length, fullness and volume depending on your needs. They also last longer than the synthetic extensions.

Synthetic Extensions

Synthetic eyelashes are made from polished and acrylic synthetic polymers that are sturdiest & firmest of all. These extensions look shinier, thicker and are more firm than your natural lashes thus making it look unnatural. However many opt for these lashes as it gives enough volume and length  for the dramatic look. As the lashes is thick and long, customers with weaker lashes might not be suitable for these lashes as they might droop and make the customers look sleepy.

Mink Extensions

Mink extensions are the popular option for customers opting for a natural look. They are soft and are available at very thin diameters which allows customers with weak lashes to try extensions.

Faux-Mink Extensions

For customers saying it is cruel to use animal products in their beauty regime, opting for the faux mink extensions might be a better choice. These lashes are light in weight and are stackable. Your lash specialist would be able to give you the 2D, 3D or even the 6D effect which volumizes your eyes while not weighing down your natural lashes.

Anti-Bacterial Fur Extentions

Anti bacterial fur extensions are perfect for customers with sensitive eyes. these extensions can last longer and is more hygienic than the rest. It is also the softest among the extensions types are these extensions are handmade.
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