An eyelash lift is a special treatment that makes your eyelashes appear dark and curled without applying extensions. During this procedure, a technician will apply multiple serums and solutions to individual lashes to encourage growth and to darken the lash. The technician will then curl it with a special tool. To get an eyelash lift, you should research local salons and available treatments. Make sure your lashes are clean before you go in to have the procedure done. Afterward, avoid placing anything near your eyes, and watch for signs of irritation. Eyelash lifts can last for up to three months.

Determine if having an eyelash lift is right for you?

You may want to consider having an eyelash lift if:

  • You have straight lashes and want them curled.
  • Eyelash perms or curlers have not worked for you in the past.
  • You have hooded or mature eyes.
  • You don’t want to reapply mascara every day.

Locate a salon that offers eyelash lifts

Start searching on the internet for salons in your area that offer the treatment. You can also look at beauty treatment centers that specialize in eye and brow treatments.

Reading online reviews before you choose a salon to make sure that it is reputable, clean, and safe. Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and Foursquare can help you find reviews.

Some salons may offer eyelash perms instead of lifts. Eyelash perms apply similar solutions to your eyelashes, but they use a different type of curler. Perms offer a more dramatic curl while lifts tend to look more natural.

Make an appointment.

Once you have chosen your salon, call to make your appointment. You may want to put the appointment in your phone calendar or schedule to remind you when it is. Eyelash lifts can take up an hr’s time.

Avoid wearing makeup.

On the day that you have the procedure done, you should not wear mascara, eye shadow, or any other eye makeup. It may be best to go in with a bare face to ensure that your eyelashes are as clean as possible when you go in. Your lashes should be completely clean so that the technician can properly apply the serums.

Lay still.

The technician will take you to the room where you will have the treatment done. While the procedure can vary slightly, generally, you will be asked to lay down on a chair and close your eyes as the curlers are attached. You will have to lie very still throughout the duration of the treatment. Try to avoid blinking, moving your head, or touching the curlers.

Tell the technician if you are experiencing any irritation.

Slight irritation from the serum is normal, and the curlers may be slightly uncomfortable. The technician may be able to relieve your discomfort by using a fan or by cleaning your lashes. If the irritation is severe or you are experiencing pain, swelling, or burning, ask the technician to stop.

Wait until the curlers are removed

The technician will advise you to remain still for a certain amount of time. This can be anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes. The technician may reapply serums during this time. When the time is up, they will remove the curlers and wipe away any remaining product that is on your face.

  • Your vision should not be blurry afterwards. If you have any product in your eye, ask the technician to help you flush it out.

Aftercare Advice
Avoid getting your eyelashes wet. It can take up to twenty-four hours for the serums to set. During that time, you should not touch or rub your eyelashes, and you should avoid getting them wet at all costs. If you can, take a bath instead of a shower. When washing your face, take care to avoid the eye area. In addition, for twenty-four hours after the lift, you should not:

  • Swim
  • Receive other beauty treatments
  • Visit a sauna
  • Steam your face

Refrain from applying eye makeup for one to two days. Putting mascara, eye shadow, concealer, or any other type of makeup near your lashes can interfere with the curl. It may reduce the duration of the curl. Do not wear mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow for up to forty-eight hours after you have the procedure done. While you can wear foundation, concealer, and moisturizer around the rest of your face, avoid placing anything under your eyes or near the lashes.

Book another appointment. Eyelash lifts generally last between eight and twelve weeks. During this time, you will not need another treatment. If you are satisfied with the results after this time period, you might consider booking another appointment to extend the curl.

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