Eyebrow embroidery is a natural and semi-permanent alternative that many have chosen in lieu of eyebrow tattooing. In eyebrow embroidery microblading, a local anesthetic cream is first applied to the area to minimize pain during the process. Next, a technician uses a special embroidery tool to draw small ink lines that resemble eyebrow hairs along the brow line. The special ink used is an all-natural dye more popularly known as henna. Over all, the entire process takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour from start to finish, and the results offer full and polished eyebrows that can last up to three years.

A major complaint with eyebrow tattoos is that they are extremely painful to get; they also tend to look unnatural when finished because eyebrow tattoos tend to color in the entire eyebrow area, creating a fake-looking block effect. Also, once an eyebrow tattoo is applied, it’s permanent and can only be removed through several costly and painful laser-removal sessions. The eyebrow embroidery microblading process was invented to address these issues and appeal to a larger audience, including men as well as women. With eyebrow embroidery microblading, semi-permanent small lines that actually mimic the look of natural hairs are drawn on, using a motorized needle in lieu of large solid blocks of color.

Before the embroidery can begin, the eyebrow area must be prepped. The area must be cleaned and the eyebrows must be plucked into the desired template shape. After preparation is complete, a trained technician will numb the eyebrow area with a local anesthetic cream to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Once the numbing cream takes effect, the technician will use a special motorized embroidery tool to draw in the eyebrow lines in the desired areas. Over all, the entire process generally takes under an hour.