Have you tried drawing your eyebrows? Nice looking eyebrows make you prettier because they actually enhance your facial features! Well-shaped and fuller eyebrows are an important facial feature that instantly beautifies any women. If you haven’t realise it, try drawing a nice eyebrow without adding other make up, you will immediately see the contrast. So, even if you go without make up, drawing eyebrow is the least thing to beautify a plain looking face.

Drawing eyebrow can be a hassle sometimes, especially for those with lesser hair on eyebrow. It is also hard to draw a very natural looking eyebrow with nice shape that fits your facial features. Therefore, you should consider the popular beauty treatment recently – eyebrow embroidery microblading.

3D eye brow embroidery is highly recommended for its natural look. The reason that it looks natural is because it is being embroidered stroke by stroke onto the skin at your eyebrow region. It creates illusion of strokes of hair making it look more natural. Shorter strokes are used and the strokes follow the natural grain of your eyebrows, making the embroidery resemble real hair.


Process Of eyebrow embroidery microblading

1 . Apply numbing cream onto eyebrows.

2. Choose your preferred eyebrow shape.

3. Eyebrow beautician will draw the eyebrow using eye brow pencil first, the angle and length of eye brow will be adjusted according to your facial features and face shape.

4. Choose colour of eyebrows according to skin colour and hair colour

5. Sterile blade is being used to ink the colour onto the skin. Cut is only at surface level, not permanent as eyebrow tattoos. Not painful.

6. Waterproofing eye brows and apply cooling cream for after care.

Current Trend Of Eyebrow Shape

The latest trend for 3D eye brow embroidery is to shape the eye brow thick and flat with little angle. This comes from Korean make up style. The Korean style thicker and flatter eyebrow gives a more fashionable look compared to thin eyebrows with arcs at raised angle. However, it is more suitable for oval and long shape faces than round ones. It is better to consult eyebrow beautician for a suitable shape that suits your facial features.