Today, more than ever, eyebrows are everything. Those little hairs above our eyes frame our face, which means they can actually make, or break, our look. And, while the ’90s may be coming back in style, one trend that isn’t coming back is super thin brows. Right now, it’s the bolder, the better. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with full, thick eyebrows. Whether you’re guilty of over plucking, or just have naturally sparse hair, you don’t have to give up on your dreams of having bold brows just yet. While it’s true that growing out your eyebrows can be a tricky process, below, we’re walking you through how to do it, step by step.
Don’t touch them.
While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t remove any brow hairs when you’re trying to grow them out, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Hairs will pop up all over the place, things will get messy looking, and you’ll have to fight the urge to pluck them. However, your best bet is to ditch the tweezer and cancel any waxing or threading appointments for a few months. Just remember what caused your sparse brows before you travel back down that road. Give it a rest and have some patience, good things take time!
Exfoliate the area.
We know exfoliating is essential for smooth skin, but our eyebrows can actually benefit from it too. Taking a soft toothbrush, gently exfoliate the brow region, as this can help stimulate hair growth.
Try a serum or vitamin.
There are a bunch of brow growth serums on the market that can not only help your hair grow in, but also do so quicker, since the serums are powered by peptides, which encourage hair growth at the follicle. You can also opt for taking a biotin supplement, which is a vitamin that is commonly used to stimulate hair growth as well.
Fill them in.
Chances are if you’re trying to grow your brows in, you’ve got some bald spots. Luckily, in the meantime, any sparse sections can be easily camouflaged with a brow powder or pencil. Choose a product that matches the color of your eyebrows, or you can even opt for a shade darker if you want them to be more defined.
Tame unruly hairs.
As we said before, when growing out your brows it’s typical for things to get a little messy. During this process, we recommend using a brow gel to keep the hairs in place. Just brush the gel over your brows for a more polished look.
Conceal unwanted hairs.
By filling in your brows and setting them in place with brow gel, you have created a shape for your brows. Like we said before, do not touch any hairs, even those that have grown outside of the shape you have created. Instead, using a concealer pen, carve out your eyebrow shape. Blend the concealer above and below where you have filled them in, remembering to dab, not rub, for best coverage. This will hide any excess hair, while also further defining your brows.
Have them shaped by a professional.
Once you’ve finally grown your eyebrows to their full potential, it’s time to get them shaped by a professional. Keep in mind, the length of this process will differ based on the status of your brows– extremely thin and over plucked brows could take months to fully grow back, while one sparse section could take just a few weeks to grow in. Consult your waxer or threader, letting them know you want to clean up and define your brows, but with taking off as little hair as possible!