Pinkish Lip Enhancement

Turn your Blackish lips into Healthy Pink

Our Lips are supposed to appear rosy, smooth, soft and supple to touch and most of all Sensitive & Kissable! But how many of us are born with such beautiful lips? Lip Enhancement offers you the long-lasting pleasure of always looking good, not feeling so naked when you look into the mirror in the morning and saving quite a bit of time on makeup application.

With this, you will not be confronted with your imperfections all the time and you will feel more confident about your looks. When working out, swimming or sweating you will never again have to worry about your eyeliner turning into a black smudge under your eyes.

Lip Embroidery Singapore

  • Suitable for SMOKERS Black Lips.
  • Uneven shaped Lips.
  • Do NOT need to use lipstick.

All lips are different and therefore demands may vary. At Prestige Eyebrow, our lip enhancement service includes getting your preferred lip colour, shape and design. Do away with smoker’s black lips and uneven shaped lips for a healthy pink glow.

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Lip Embroidery Transformation

1 Week to Achieve Natural Looking Pinkish Lips

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Pinkish Lips Enhancement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do Pinkish Lips Enhancement last for?
Perfect your pout to make it irresistible and supple. With our enhancement, there will be no need for lipsticks. The procedure is painless and there is no risk of swelling. With this non-invasive treatment, you will recover in no time. The embroidery is able to last for up to 5 years. You are just a call away from achieving perky natural lips.

Lip embroidery is not just for the vain. It can be used to restore the lips in cases where individuals have suffered an injury or some form of damage.


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